Designer Art Album – 21x30cm (8.5×12″) A4

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File Upload Specifications: 21x30cm (8.5×12″)

Landscape Orientation

Portrait Orientation

You will need to upload your album files to these specifications –

Files: Double page album spreads
Dimensions:  for Landscape Orientation 600mm wide x 216mm high or Portrait Orientation 426mm wide x 303mm high
File format:  JPEG
Colour space:  ADOBE RGB (1998) or sRGB
Pixels per inch:  300dpi

It is very important that your album layouts are correctly named to ensure they are mounted in the correct order.  For example 001, 002, 003 etc.  Most album design programs will export your files with the correct file names but it is a good idea to check these before uploading.  Please do not add any characters to your file names such as *, /, \, @, etc.

Orientation + Available Sizes

Landscape 30x21cm, Portrait 21x30cm

Number Spreads

15 Spreads, 16 Spreads, 17 Spreads, 18 Spreads, 19 Spreads, 20 Spreads, 21 Spreads, 22 Spreads, 23 Spreads, 24 Spreads, 25 Spreads, 26 Spreads, 27 Spreads, 28 Spreads, 29 Spreads, 30 Spreads, 31 Spreads, 32 Spreads, 33 Spreads, 34 Spreads, 35 Spreads, 36 Spreads, 37 Spreads, 38 Spreads, 39 Spreads, 40 Spreads, 41 Spreads, 42 Spreads, 43 Spreads, 44 Spreads, 45 Spreads

Page Edge Type

Square Edge, Corner Edge

Paper Thickness

Standard 1mm, Thicker 1.5mm

Designer Art Cover Type

Linen, Soft, Premium Leatherette, Decorative, Leatherette

Side Label

Include Side Label, No Side Label

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